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09 November 2017
As the reach of the IT department becomes wider we focus on maintaining a grasp of the hard skills:...
07 November 2017
Functionkey Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focusing on core concepts needed to be competitive in the IT field. We believe that mastery of scripting virtualization and server technology are key foundations needed to master all areas of Info...
07 November 2017
Subnetting allows a large network block to be logically segmented into multiple smaller networks, or subnets. The use of many smaller networks allows the use of varying physical networks, such as Ethe...


Functionkey Inc.

Functionkey Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

What is Linux?

Linux is an complete operating system like Windows. Linux is an open operating system and that means it is free. Linux runs on thousands of hardware devices. A really cool thing about Linux is the it was built to enable multiple users to access the system simultaneously. To protect the individual user's environment, every application ​, file, and directory, is given a set of read, write, and execute permissions that define who can access them.

Linux has a great scalability and can run on everything from handheld devices to supercomputers. The Linux desktop menus, icons, windows, and background plus more can be configured. You are able to watch videos, listen to music, view edit and store photos.

Create, and publish documents with LibreOffice a powerful office suite. LibreOffice includes several applications that make it powerful. It is a Free Open Source office suite that comes with Writer (word processing), Calc (spreadsheets), Impress (presentations), Draw (vector graphics and flowcharts), Base (databases), and Math (formula editing).

Browse the Web and send e-mail, play games and find thousands more open source Linux software packages you can get for free using utilities in the Linux OS you are using.

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